If You Missed Our Statement on the ANA Apology… Here It Is Again

CCBN is taking this opportunity to acknowledge the verbal and written public apology by the American Nurses Association (ANA) regarding its treatment of nurses of color throughout Nursing history. It is not a statement taken lightly and the courage to step forward is not ignored. CCBN will put out a public statement after our Annual Meeting scheduled for September 2022 that will be representative of the collective voices of all our members. CCBN has several members who have memberships with the local ANA affiliate, Colorado Nurses Association (CNA), several CCBN members who have memberships with the National Black Nurses Association Inc (NBNA) that is mentioned in the reckoning statement, and several CCBN members who have direct, lived experiences with the racist policies and actions ANA references. Actions speak louder than words and CCBN will be heeding the actions of ANA as the months unfold.

As the CCBN president Robin Bruce FN, BSN, RN often says, “Doctors cure. Nurses heal.” The Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc (CCBN) continues to move forward, applying what we do best, this time to ourselves, in the overall process of healing as it pertains to the treatment of nurses in general and the recognition of the profession of Nursing. To all who contribute in any way to the betterment of Nursing, CCBN gives a resounding “Thank You” for your support.

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