Carrie Smith



YEAR IN SCHOOL: Junior. First Year Nursing Student

NAME OF SCHOOL: Platt College

CURRENT MAJOR/PROGRAM: Bachelor or Science in Nursing (BSN) Program


Success is not always defined by a dollar sign. To me it's about being able to accomplish my goal as an upcoming nurse.

It's knowing that at the end of my work day, I would have completed my work by providing my patients with the best care possible, full of integrity, compassion, empathy and love... That's what success means to me.

- Carrie Smith


Hello! I’m Carrie Smith, a full of life Colorado native. Although I graduated high school with a full ride scholarship to be a teacher, I had long before since claimed my future and began shaping it in the path of healthcare. I first received my Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and then went on to get my Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) where I graduated with Honors. During my time working as a medical assist, I learned so much in every environment I was introduced to; from working in the Trauma center area of the ER to working in the PACU of the OR and sometimes filling in in the operating room and anything there in between. The more I worked in the healthcare field the more my desire to do more grew. At the hospital, while watching the staff scram all over to provide a loved one of mine with the best of care, I knew then that this was the type of nurse I would be - taking major steps to always provide the best care possible and always make a difference in others’ lives.

As a nursing student, I know I bring an exceptionally large amount of experience with me from all areas of healthcare, and I see myself contributing everything I’ve learned and compiling all my knowledge together to enhance my role as a nurse, allowing me to grow and succeed in any healthcare setting. Having excellent communication and critical thinking attributes sets me aside from others and allows me to work independently and effectively and I would fit perfectly in any situation.

Being a very educated Black women in today’s society is intimidating to many and to take this to a setting where many have been taught to notice color first and heart and smarts last, makes it difficult for many people of color regardless of their role. I have learned from past experience to gain trust with patients and continue to be that one who stands out providing exceptional care. For this is the reason I want to be a nurse.

Thank you Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc for awarding me the Barbara Tunley Crenshaw Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship will help me financially to allow me to work part time and focus more on school and be able to excel and finish strong in the BSN Nursing Program and achieve my life long goal.

- Carrie Smith

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