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Bottom line: So that effective health care as a basic human right is afforded to ALL people. How do we accomplish this? CCBN and its members are longstanding leaders in nurse professionalism and health care equality whose initiation and promotion of culturally competent and equitable health care practices within the state of Colorado has effected change in global health initiatives, national healthcare standards, Colorado state healthcare policies, and post-secondary curriculum in colleges, universities, and schools of Nursing throughout the state of Colorado, with prominence in metropolitan Denver and throughout the Front Range. Whether a student, QMAP, MA, CNA, LPN, RN or a friend of the profession, all are welcome to join in the cause of solidifying equitable healthcare for ALL through increasing the number of professional Black nurses represented in decision making positions in the healthcare industry. CCBN continues to serve and collaborate with a multitude of communities to equalize the delivery of health services and to be a voice in Congress for those whose voices go unheard. As a result, you don't have to be "Black" to belong. You only need a desire to support the mission of equitable healthcare for ALL and a willingness to address health equity from a cultural perspective.

Join the ranks of those who are leaders in the profession. Capitalize on the rich history, community connections, and education opportunities that membership affords. Most important, feel the satisfaction in knowing that you make a difference in assuring ALL peoples enjoy the basic human right of culturally competent and equitable health care.



Regular Memberships

  • Regular Membership
    • Professional nurses and nurse pathway careers from QMAP to DNP/PhD.
    • Includes Nursing school graduates who have not yet passed the NCLEX a year or more AFTER graduation.
  • Student & First Year Graduate Membership
    • Discounted membership for students in nurse pathway or nursing programs WHO DO NOT HAVE A BSN as well as graduates with a BSN or BELOW within their first year after graduation from Nursing school at time of membership enrollment.

Special Memberships

Conditional memberships are available as follows:

  • Youth Pipeline
    • Secondary school students interested in Nursing or nurse pathway careers who have not graduated high school.
  • Associate
    • Any person who believes in CCBN's vision and is willing to contribute their expertise or resources in the fulfillment of CCBN's mission. Being in the medical profession is not a requirement. "Former" nurses as well as active nurses who wish to serve in a capacity different from the regular membership are also eligible to become an associate member.
  • Sponsored
    • Any pre-nursing or nursing student receiving assistance with membership dues from a third party organization or individual.
  • Provisional
    • New applicants applying between the months of August-November of the current year with paid membership for the upcoming year enjoy most benefits of membership before the onset of the following membership year.



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