2021 CCBN Space Expo: Ages 3-6 years


Did you know the "A" in STEAM stands for art? Many scientists use art as a healthy way to let go of stress and rest parts of the brain. Life can be stressful but coloring or using these pages to make your art doesn't have to be. Let your imagination blast off. Have FUN and feel free to upload your favorite finished art piece so we can enjoy it too! Download the below coloring book to practice resting parts of your brain and letting go of stress. Anyone can upload the artwork they've made from this coloring book and have your finished piece of art shown for all of Colorado to see (no stress here!). We will showcase all (appropriate) artwork on Friday, October 1, 2021 on the CCBN Space Expo Channel. Special "THANKS!" to Annette Cannon PhD, RN for making this coloring book just for the CCBN Space Expo! Enjoy!

Download the

Space Coloring Book

Color the pages and send in your favorite page to be shown on


Featured Presenter

Photo: Used by Subject Permission

Debarati Das is a graduate student at McGill University and a member of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory team. Her current research focuses on geochemical analyses of rocks in Gale crater using the laser instrument onboard the Curiosity rover and understanding the enrichment of the element boron, which is an indicator of water activity on Mars and an important prebiotic element on Earth. Debarati also uses terrestrial analogs from Death Valley to understand more about the possible geologic history of Mars and was granted an early-career National Geographic grant to fund her fieldwork in Death Valley. Debarati did her first master's project on Himalayan geology at the Indian Institute of Technology in India and her second master's project on meteorites at Okayama University in Japan. Debarati is also passionate about science education and outreach and volunteers for Let's Talk Science where she educates children about space science through simple experiments and activities.

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