Danyelle Gilbert



YEAR IN SCHOOL: Senior, 2nd Year/Capstone Nursing Student

NAME OF SCHOOL: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

CURRENT MAJOR/PROGRAM: Bachelor or Science in Nursing (BSN). Traditional Nursing Program at Colorado University School of Nursing (CUCON).

STATUS: Graduation date: December 2021.


What success means to me is the feeling that I get when I help push the man or woman in a wheelchair trying to cross the street.

Its providing education that will allow patients to be confident in managing their own care.

It’s providing care that sends mothers and their newborn or newborns home alive and healthy.

Success to me is the positive difference I make, big or small, in the lives of others as well as my own.

- Danyelle Gilbert.


I extend gratitude to the Colorado Council of Black Nurses (CCBN) organization for their mentorship and support. The organization has been an anchor in my journey towards becoming a nurse and helping me develop problem-solving skills in my role as a Nurse Extern. A goal of mine is to provide safer care to both women and children of color regarding the birthing process. CCBN has aided in the achievement of that goal by allowing me to serve on the Maternal Child Health Morbidity Initiative committee – a committee devoted to finding ways to improve maternal/child health among people of color in our institutions.

         My scholar project which also happens to be Maternal/Child Health Morbidity has helped me provide education to my community about the importance of advocating for self to make sure that safe quality patient care is upheld. Outside of my nursing goals, another goal of mine is to grow the CCBN organization by expanding our audience via appealing to the younger generation interest, to culminate a more significant population of people of color in healthcare.

Again, thank you CCBN for your continued support regarding my education and helping me achieve my goals on both a personal and professional level.

- Danyelle Gilbert

Top to bottom, left to right: (1) Working hard in my PPE, (2) Delivering masks to the VA Nursing Home, (3) Guest speaker on Erica Cobb podcast on COVID Health Disparity in the Black community, (4) Delivering children's books to a battered women's shelter, (5) Delivering PPE to a home health agency, (6) First college graduation - second one coming in December! (7) Delivering masks to Safe House Women's Shelter.

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