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THANK YOU for your service to the Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc.

We know that volunteering doesn't just mean giving of your time, it can also mean giving of your talents, resources, and funds. CCBN believes in passing our blessings forward in anyway we can, and that includes helping those who help us be able to continue to help fulfill the CCBN mission without causing undue hardships in service. Membership dues allowances is one way that CCBN can help those who help us without negatively impacting the CCBN organizations or the communities we serve.

Although dues allowance is not guaranteed, CCBN does it best to make allowances where able based upon service to the organization, financial stability, and by vote of CCBN members. The following allowances are available for the 2023 membership year either based on services donated for at least 9 months during the 2022 membership year if an elected or appointed officer, or for honorable service to the CCBN organization and/or the communities we serve.

From the drop-down menu below, only select the dues option as designated in an email to you and/or according to your position of service. Once selected, click "Add to Cart" to complete payment via PayPal account or via debit/credit card. Once payment is complete, click "return to merchant" to access the 2023 Membership Enrollment Form. Fill out the enrollment form to complete the process of continuing as a member in good standing. Please select your discount level now:

Discount Level 2023

Thank you again, for your service!

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