Elsy David Peoples



ACADEMICS: Graduated Spring 2021 Bachelor or Science in Nursing (BSN) from Loretto Heights School of Nursing and Regis University. Passed NCLEX.

STATUS: Labor And Delivery Internship (LADI) New Graduate Residency Program at Rose Medical Center


I have been working as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Rose Medical Center and had it not been for my scholarship from the Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc (CCBN), I would not have had the funds to take the NCLEX the second time.  I am so thankful to CCBN and all of our funders. Because my specialty isn’t immediately available to new grads it was very important for me to start the Labor And Delivery Internship (LADI) residency program with Rose Medical Center.  This residency program focuses on getting new and current nurses introduced to Labor & Delivery ((L&D). Because of the Barbara Tunley Crenshaw Scholarship, I was able to retake my NCLEX for a second time and apply for the residency program in time.

With a major focus of mine being on Black Maternal Health in the US, this scholarship brings me one step closer to becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. I hope to give back to my community by empowering women of color and making them aware of disparities that can impact their lives.  CCBN will give me the opportunity to reach more women in my community. 

Service To Underserved Communities

I was able to use my language skills to translate and moderate a webinar for Spanish Speaking only residents in their native language and provided much needed information to an underserved population that was highly impacted by COVID.

One issue in L&D at the moment is that there aren’t many Black nurses. Since CCBN gave me the opportunity to be in the room where decisions are being made, I hope to bring about some change about Black Maternal Health in Colorado and the US.

To everyone at CCBN, I thank you. Kelci, thank you for hearing me out and being an amazing mentor. To our funders, thank you so much. Because of you, young women like me can enter the Nursing field and impact change in our lives and our communities.

At Denver's Black Arts Festival volunteering giving COVID vaccinations to those in need.

- Elsy Peoples

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