Jael Mallory



YEAR IN SCHOOL: Junior. First Year Nursing Student

NAME OF SCHOOL: Regis University, Loretto Heights School of Nursing at Regis University

CURRENT MAJOR/PROGRAM: Bachelor or Science in Nursing (BSN), Minor in Spanish. Traditional Nursing Program


Success to me means breaking free of the narrative and standards that society wants to write over my life.

It means staying true to who I am no matter the circumstance.

Success to me is a life not driven by motive and reward but rather compassion, awareness toward myself and towards others.

- Jael Mallory


Although I recently began nursing school this summer as one of the few students of color in Regis’ traditional nursing program, I already feel at home and supported by the nursing community because of the Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc (CCBN) Scholarship Program. Thank you CCBN for your encouragement and support. Being seen and heard by this program has lifted me up in ways imaginable.

CCBN has given me an expansive amount of community resources and contacts to reach out to whenever necessary, and for this, I am grateful. The organization has also exposed me to an array of nursing specialties that I would have never considered or been exposed to in my traditional nursing program. That being said, because of the CCBN Scholarship Program, I have a greater desire to expand my healthcare education by pursuing education in Holistic Nursing. After obtaining my BSN, I aspire to get my certification in Holistic Nursing and Wellness Coaching so that I can further provide individualized health promoting care to people of color.

Giving health education to underserved communities at the Brother Jeff Fill the Pantry Event in Historic Five Points, Denver, CO

While attending CCBN events, particularly their COVID Disparities in Hispanic, Latinx and Indigenous Communities event, I have discovered the great need for U.S. nursing students to receive education in medical Spanish, even if they are not yet fluent in the Spanish language. I have been involved with the Global Education department at Regis University to help expand the international opportunities they have to offer students in the nursing program, studying abroad in _ for one semester.

Thank you to every person who has invested or is considering investing their resources and support into the CCBN Scholarship Program to support individuals like me. This support has allowed me to not only survive, but thrive in nursing school. Thank you!

There are plenty of opportunities to gain experience in training and service through educating the public, presenting to fellow students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, studying abroad, and delivering medical supplies (PPE) to those in need.

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