Janaye Culton



YEAR IN SCHOOL: Junior. In addition, finishing second year of prerequisites for Nursing Program

NAME OF SCHOOL: Arapahoe Community College

CURRENT MAJOR/PROGRAM: Double major.  Associates of Applied Science, Medical Laboratory Technician Program, and Associates Degree in Nursing to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (start Fall of 2023).


To me, success means creating and having a legacy. I will be a third generation nurse that is part of CCBN.

- Janaye Culton

The Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc (CCBN) introduced me to the many different fields and classifications of being a nurse. My ultimate nursing goal is to obtain my Doctor of Nurse Practice specializing in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology with a strong background in Histology and Psychiatry; and I would eventually like to run my own practice or become a teacher at a school as well.

Due to the education that was given, I soon decided to join CCBN and apply for their Dr. Bernard F. Gipson Sr. Nurse Science Scholarship in 2018 and thereafter, which I am still very THANKFUL for the awards I received.  I didn’t become GRATEFUL though until I started to participate and receive guidance from CCBN mentors.

Representing CCBN in philanthropy is versatile.

Part of being a CCBN Scholar is doing a project for the community that improves health care for the community or for nursing. My chosen project is to help new moms become educated in pursuing the appropriate healthcare facility for themselves and their families. Since I have started this project, I have assisted educating not only new moms, but also the community in why this is so important and beneficial for their families and themselves.

The logistics of engaging the public during a pandemic and the resulting quarantine dictated moving trainings to a virtual environment. Not only did the community benefit from education to new moms but my research may one day improve care delivery at hospitals.

I have helped advance CCBN by spreading the word and providing information that I learned to help keep our CCBN team up to date.  Whether that is in person or through social media as the POI of Publicity and Social Media.

I am a wife, a mother of four daughters, a double major student at Arapahoe Community College, a Laboratory Assistant at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and a Lab Assistant and Certified Nurse’s Assistant at Sky Ridge Medical Center.  As my life may seem very busy and impossible to manage, I am grateful for the mentors at CCBN who have taught and are still teaching me how

CCBN's time management training helps us who are self pay balance jobs, school, and family.

to not only manage my tasks, but to not give up when the tasks seem impossible.  I am grateful that when I initially failed my first two semesters of school, I was not discouraged by CCBN, but encouraged to do better and taught skills that have and will continue to assist me represent my patients and become someone that could guide others and make change. Because of this I

currently hold a 3.74 GPA.  CCBN is helping me reach these goals by providing me with the necessary skills, funding, and people needed to advance in my career.  The advocacy training I received through CCBN allowed me to advocate for the staff in healthcare.  I was able to make change at a hospital because of these skills.

With that said, I am grateful to be a current member, scholarship awardee and the Chair of CCBN’s Publicity and Social Media Committee.   

Being a part of CCBN is like being a part of a family. We work hard, get needed support, and have fun.

Thank you to the Colorado Council of Black Nurses, mentors, and supporters for providing more than one necessary tools needed to ensure my success.

- Janaye Culton

Whether managing the technical on CCBN virtual events or participating in live events, much is learned about event planning just by participating.

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