Meet Susan Ip- Jewel MD

Susan Ip-Jewell MD, DCEG, DOD is a Space Medicine Physician-Scientist, Analog Astronaut, exponential technologist, entrepreneur.

An official "SPACE COACH" for AFWERK empowered by USA SPACE FORCE and US AIR FORCE. She received two "knighthoods" as Dame from Royal Crown, Kingdom of Montenegro and Dame Commander in Order of the Eagle from Kingdom of Georgia, Royal House of Georgia. She is a member of Board of Governors for Life Sciences and Bioengineering Branch (LSBEB) of Aerospace Medical Association, (AsMA). Appointed to Board as Vice President of Space Renaissance International (SRI), SRI Academy Education Director and SRI Academy Analog Education.

Her research focuses on space medicine, astronautics, health, human factors and exponential technologies. CEO/Co-Founder of MMAARS, Inc, (Mars-Moon Astronautics Academy & Research Sciences) training analog astronauts and develop the Mars-Moon Settlement Analog Training facility in Mojave Desert, California. MMAARS offers Virtual Astronautics training and analog astronaut missions where crews live in austere, Isolated and Confined Environments (I.C.E.) integrating experiential learning with exponential technologies.

Co-founder/CIO of, creating a new paradigm to disrupt and democratize healthcare access by converging XR/AR/AI. haptics, robotics, drones. Dr Susan graduated from Founder Institute (FI) 2020, Draper University Entrepreneur and TEZOS Blockchain program (2021).

A veteran analog astronaut, Commander of multiple analog astronaut crews, Susan pioneered the first Martian "Station-to-Station" simulation training and MMAARS SPACE MEDICS training missions. She is an experience leader having commanded missions from low-to high-fidelity locations under NEAMAE PROJECT (Nepal, Everest, Antarctica, Africa, Americas Mars-Moon Analog Astronaut Exploration Expeditions).

Trained at National Institute of Health (NIH), National Cancer Institute (NCI) in clinical medicine, drug discovery / molecular therapeutics at UCLA Depart of Molecular & Therapeutic Pharmacology. Graduate of International Space University (ISU), recipient of Google Scholarship to attend Singularity University’s (GSP15). Graduated from Aston University, UK, University School of Medicine. Recipient of "Marie Marvinght Award in “Technologies and Innovations for Space" by Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) recognizing visionaries in space exploration and National Space Society (NSS) Award "pioneering for multi-planetary settlement on Moon and Mars. She founded The Clinic LLC, Wellness & Telemedicine Center in 2003

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