Naomi Alvaro



YEAR IN SCHOOL: Senior. Second Year Nursing Student

NAME OF SCHOOL: Denver College of Nursing

CURRENT MAJOR/PROGRAM: Bachelor or Science in Nursing (BSN).


For me success means accomplishment, it means goals being met, it means being rewarded after giving your all and working hard.

Success to me means reaching my ultimate goal, and being happy with that goal.

- Naomi Alvaro

My name is Naomi Alvaro, I am a nursing student at Denver College of Nursing pursing a Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN). I am currently working at Denver Health Medical Center as a CNA for the past 2 years.

The Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc (CCBN) has helped me get through school by offering me their financial, mental, and physical support through mentoring, community outreach, jobs and training opportunities.

My goal is to graduate from nursing school. The CCBN Scholarship Program is helping me reach that goal, by providing resources (like mentors, other students and working nurses) that I can use when I have questions or need guidance regarding nursing or school.

My Scholar Project was to encourage and offer low-cost breast cancer screening within the African community. This project showed me how I can educate and impact my community on how to take care of themselves especially regarding this disease (breast cancer).

Being a CCBN scholar, I have learned to not be afraid of approaching people of my community and talk to them regarding health care. It may look like they know, but a lot of them don’t know and they just want someone to take the time to educate them on things regarding healthcare, and its benefits. 

I am still in school so I hope once I become a nurse, I can do more for the community. However, being part of the CCBN has given me support and making me feel that I am not alone, as nursing is all about teamwork.

I am very thankful to be part of this organization and know that I have full support of the CCBN Scholarship Program.

Thank you, CCBN. 

- Naomi Alvaro

There are plenty opportunities to practice public speaking by serving on panels and to network. CCBN recognizes all its members

Attendance at formal events are not only networking opportunities but teach how to be knowledgeable and comfortable in any environment

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