2022 CCBN Space Expo: Pre-Launch

From Earth... to Mars... to the Stars!

We won't let a bumpy lift off ground us! Download the Postcard today and be one in a million youth to have a postcard sent to space!

Did you miss the live welcome? No worries, we recorded it so you can view it whenever you get the chance. Enjoy and Participate!

3-2-1 BLAST-OFF!

It's Official!

The CCBN Space Expo: National Launch

Has Begun!

Let's have a blast as we celebrate the ingenuity of our youth, take the opportunity for our youth to literally send a postcard to space, and get involved as a support resource to our youth (#aChanceToLeap). This FREE virtual event is open to ALL school aged youth in the United States and its territories. CLICK THE PIC to download the postcard to send to space (they can choose to have it returned to them or used in a public art piece). CLICK HERE to access the 2022 Space Expo page to get the program order and start participating in expo activities. There's still time to request a presentation for your learning group, class, or organization and/or volunteer to be a resource. Activities start at 10 am MT Monday and ends Friday!

This year's goals are "simple": (1) Get 1 million youth to send a CCBN Space Expo themed postcard to Club for the Future to be flown on a future Blue Origin flight and returned to them so that they will always have something from space; (2) Instill hope in our youth - especially those who are justice involved - that our past doesn't have to define our future because our future is not yet written, and (3) HAVE FUN both learning about space and sharing with others what we've learned about space. Let's make it happen. CLICK HERE to find out more about this year's CCBN Space Expo and spread the word. #aChanceToLeap #CCBNSpaceExpo

2022 CCBN Space Expo: Pre-Launch Activities

We are at T-2 DAYS and Counting
until the
National Launch of the CCBN Space Expo!

The special CCBN Space Expo postcards are expected to be ready to download to create your masterpiece by day one of the Expo, Monday, September 26, 2022. In the meantime, checkout our PSA (Public Service Announcement) videos about this worthwhile event and remember: "You're one in a million - meaning YOU are AMAZING!!!"

Need a little more info about CCBN Space Expos? Watch this video.


(Other ways to participate to get ready for the LAUNCH!)


Postcards Scheduled to Arrive Week T-1

Stay Tuned

Check out the new CCBN Space Expo logo! CCBN was blessed by the presence and storytelling prowess of the artist behind the original artwork (see below) used in the fabricating of the CCBN Space Expo logo (shown right) that had its public debut August 16, 2022. Artist and founder of the Bessie Coleman Flygirls and Flyboys, Jacqueline Withers, donated the artwork to the CCBN Space Expo because, "A lot of youth do not know that there are opportunities for them to go to space... Putting the images in the helmet says 'this could be you one day.'" With a little help from CCBN Board of

Advisory member, Robert Bruce, who donated his resources and IT expertise to inset the the artwork into the CCBN Space Expo seal, CCBN now has an image students can identify with. The logo will be displayed on the postcards to be flown on a future Blue Origin flight to space through Club for the Future's Postcard to Space program. The National Launch of the 2022 CCBN Space Expo is set to take place September 26-30, 2022, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS! #aChanceToLeap #CCBNSpaceExpo

The CCBN Space Expo has a new logo! Check out the new logo sneak peeks located on this page and sign up to see the original artwork being unveiled August 16, 2022.
What will you send to space? This year the CCBN Space Expo is teaming up with Club for the Future to send a special postcard decorated by you to space and back.
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Be a Resource. Register Here

On average, it takes less than 5 minutes to tell us if you and/or someone you know can support the CCBN Space Expo as an artist, panelist, speaker, presenter (demonstration) and/or sponsor. You can even recommend other people/organizations/companies/schools who would be a great resource here as well. Click the link in this section or scan the QR code to tell us how you will share your talent or expertise.


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