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CCBN Space Expo National Launch

September 26, 2022 @ 7:00 AM - September 30, 2022 @ 7:00 PM

It's Official! The Countdown to the CCBN Space Expo has



Join us NOW for pre-launch activities and information to start getting involved with the launch so we can all have a blast! #CCBNSpaceExpo

The CCBN Space Expo is a 5-day Virtual Assembly focusing on physical and applied sciences for preschool, elementary, middle and high school aged youth in all US states and territories from a STEAM perspective. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved between September 26 - October 30, 2022!

This year, in recognition of the new and official logo of the CCBN Space Expos and the special CCBN Space Expo themed postcards that can be flown to space through the Postcards to Space program, there is a special emphasis on ART, which is the "A" in STEAM. Youth may fill out a special designed CCBN Space Expo themed postcard to be sent on a future Blue Origin mission and receive it back stamped “flown to space” as an inspirational keepsake, courtesy of Club for the Future.

Our continued goal is that EVERY school-aged child, no matter their walk in life or status in (or out of) school, whether home schooled, experiencing homelessness, justice involved (including incarcerated), in a hospital, institutionalized, or in a traditional classroom, and regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, abilities, or socioeconomic background, has the opportunity to participate in some way in the CCBN Space Expo. We are passionate about assuring that all children will have an opportunity to see someone who "looks like them" and whom they can identify with.

That’s one of the reasons why we also have an outreach emphasis this year on justice involved youth. At last year’s space expo, we had a shared success story of an industry partner who came from a dire background and whose choices resulted in him being justice involved as a youth, but one decision changed his whole trajectory to a life of purpose and success. We are looking to instill hope and purpose for our justice involved youth through real-life stories and supports that results in driving home the understanding that our past doesn’t have to define our future because our future is not yet written.

Join us this year and every year so that our youth can see themselves as an integral part of space and, in doing so, a forward thinker in the contributions they can make right here on planet Earth. Next year (year 3), the goal is to host the CCBN Space Expo on a global scale so that youth can experience aspects of our entire planet to make informed choices of what their contribution to a better planet can be - and yes, we are well on our way to the 2023 global launch.

Take a SNEAK PEEK at the CCBN Space Expo Preview HERE

The CCBN Space Expo is FREE of charge thanks to people like you who are willing to give of their time, talents, and/or resources to encourage our youth to discover and/or follow their dreams to make space REAL for this generation and the next. We look forward to removing barriers together, with you… #aChanceToLeap


The CCBN Space Expo National Launch Abbreviated Itinerary:

Monday - Preschool and Kindergarten (age 3 - 6 years)

Tuesday - Elementary School (age 6 - 12 years)

Wednesday - Middle School (age 11 - 14 years)

Thursday - High School (age 13 - 19 years)

Friday - All Ages: Youth - Adult, Siblings - Parents, Grandparents, etc.




SIGN UP NOW for the WEEK of Activities:

Click Here to Turn in Your Question(s) for the CCBN Space Expo :

  • Question Submissions CLICK HERE: Here's an opportunity for youth to get their questions answered. Questions are given to presenters/speakers who can best answer the question, and the answer is given live or recorded for everyone to learn. Application open throughout the expo so get your questions in ASAP! Application OPEN

Click Here to Sign Up to Participate in a Live CCBN Space Expo Presentation:

  • Live Presentation Reservations CLICK HERE: Here's a chance for your classroom or facility to interact directly with presenters and/or speakers. Includes having a story read to and/or songs sang with students, and questions answered. Based upon availability at time of requests.  Application OPEN

Click Here to Be a Presenter or Panelist for the CCBN Space Expo:

  • Speaker and Presenter Opportunities CLICK HERE: Here's YOUR opportunity to be a resource to our youth by being a speaker (including panelist) or presenter at the CCBN Space Expo in Colorado. Application closes at 11:59 pm MT Friday, September 23, 2022. Note that this is the same application as the resource pledge so only one form should be submitted. Application OPEN

Click Here to Make a Support Pledge for the CCBN Space Expo:

  • Support Pledges CLICK HERE: Here's an opportunity to let us know where you or someone you know can be a resource. On average, it takes less than 5 minutes to tell us if you and/or someone you know can support the CCBN Space Expo as a panelist, speaker, presenter (demonstration) and/or sponsor. You can even recommend other people/organizations/companies/schools who would be a great resource here as well.  Application OPEN

Click Here to Turn Your Entry/Project for the CCBN Space Expo (AFTER Sept 12th):

  • Youth/Student Submissions CLICK HERE: School aged youth, here's your chance to have your work and/or ideas known throughout your state! Space is for everyone and CCBN wants to offer one of many paths to your space journey. Youth under age 12 years, please get help from a parent, guardian or someone age 13 and older. Only first name and last initial will be posted in association with submissions. Some submissions may require signed adult permission (we'll let you know). Application OPEN
  • .

See you in SOON!  #CCBNSpaceExpo



September 26, 2022 @ 7:00 AM
September 30, 2022 @ 7:00 PM
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